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Thursdays 10:30 AM Color Jam for Kids 6-12

Color Jam is an ongoing class exploring the elements of color using crayons, charcoal, pastels, heat, chemicals and more! We'll talk about Kandinsky's color theory and we'll make up our own. These classes are process based.

This class is perfect for homeschooled or independent study students 6 and up (students must be able to read and write)

Classes are $20 for non-members, or $15 for Charity Wings members for each class, paid in advance, or $110 for six sessions for non-members. 

Classes meet at the ParkView Apartments Community Room Thursdays beginning February 1st, from 10:30AM to noon.

Charity Wings invites you and your group of 6 or more students to customize a class to fit your group's curriculum or interest. Give us a call at 760.591.3010 for more information.

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